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Damascus steel bowie knife with lite & dark woodgrain handle

Damascus steel bowie knife with lite & dark woodgrain handle

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-1090 steel blade
-Various ethically sourced woods, leathers and animal bone for creation of the handle and leather sheath

Care Instructions

Proper Maintenance of Damascus

Steel Blades

*Maintaining a Damascus steel blade parallels the care required for Carbon steel blades, primarily focusing on moisture prevention.*

*While a seasoned blade develops a protective patina, a new Carbon steel-based blade is prone to rapid rusting.*

Under no circumstances should you:
-Allow the blade to linger in standing water
-Rest the blade on a moist cloth or towel
-Store the blade in direct contact with leather
-Subject the blade to a dishwasher cycle

To preserve the legacy of your Damascus steel knife, adhere to these simple steps:

After usage:

-Thoroughly rinse the blade under running water and dry it with a clean cloth

-Apply a light coat of food-safe oil
-Store the blade in a dry environment
-During the initial patina development phase, it's advisable to wipe the blade before transitioning to other food preparation tasks that don't involve the knife.

Oil Application:

-A prevalent mistake in oiling blades involves using oils like olive oil, which can turn rancid.
-Instead, opt for food-safe mineral oil—a cost-effective and easily accessible alternative.

-Cleaning a Damascus steel knife is a straightforward process:
-Rinse it under running water, lightly cleanse it with a soapy dish sponge, rinse again, and dry thoroughly.
-If familiar with the term 'Bachelor Wash,' this encapsulates the cleaning method.

Reviving the Pattern:
-The Damascus pattern naturally diminishes with use, but it's easily restored.
-Utilize hot, strong black instant coffee—a mild etchant employed in our Damascus etching process—to revive the pattern.

Instructions to restore your blade:
-Prepare a batch of potent black instant coffee, ensuring there's enough to immerse the blade.
-Clean the blade, then wipe it meticulously with methylated spirits to eliminate oils and contaminants.
-Immerse the blade in the hot instant coffee, reheating it if necessary (heat expedites the reaction rate).
-Avoid contact with the handle.

The process typically spans 15 minutes to an hour:

-Periodically check the blade every 15 minutes without touching or wiping it.
-Once the desired outcome is achieved, remove the blade, wash it as usual, and apply oil before storing.

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100 + layers Damascus 1090 steel knife
15.0 inch length full tang 

8.6 inch blade
1.6 inch tapering a drop point tip